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Certificate Program For HR Generalists
Certificate Program For HR Generalists
FMLA Training & Certification Program
FMLA Training & Certification Program
COBRA Training & Certification Program
COBRA Training & Certification Program
Workers' Comp Training Seminar & Workshop
Workers' Comp Training Seminar & Workshop
401(k) Training & Certification Program
401(k) Training & Certification Program
Internal Investigations Certificate Program
Internal Investigations Certificate Program
HR Seminars, HR Webcasts, HR Online Training
HR Training; Seminars,
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long does it take to complete a Program?

A: Depending upon your level of expertise, the Training portion of the Program generally takes eight hours to complete, and the Certification test up to two hours to complete.

Q: Must I complete the Program all at one time?

A: The Program can be completed either at one time or over several sessions by using the "Bookmark" feature. You simply hit the "Return to Bookmark" button to return to your last page. This feature allows you to proactively schedule your training over several days or to save your place in the Program in case of unscheduled interruptions.

Q: Am I required to take the Certification Test?

A: The Certification Test is an optional feature that is included with the Program at no extra charge. Users who want the "Certificate" simply take the Test after completing the Training portion of the Program. Users who do not need or want a Certificate are not required to test unless they require proof - such as for re-certification requirements - that they have completed the program. In these instances, they must take and pass the Certification Test.

Q: How does the Certification Test work?

A: 50 questions are randomly selected from our database of questions. You scroll forward or back through the Test at any time to check or review your answers, and click on the "Score My Test" button to submit your Test for scoring. Your score is shown on screen. Users with non-passing scores are shown a list of incorrectly answered questions and given tips for passing on their next attempt; users with a passing score will have their Certificate mailed to them.

Q: Can I see any Test questions I answered incorrectly?

A: Yes. This feature was requested specifically by our pre-launch focus groups who, even if they passed the Test, wanted the ability to correct any potential "weak" areas they may have had.

Q: How many times may I test for Certification?

A: The Program automatically allows up to three attempts for Certification for up to one year from the date of purchase. You must contact us if you would like additional attempts.

Q: Do I still have access to the training materials after I pass the Certification Test?

A: Yes.

Q: I am one of three administrators who are all interested in becoming Certified. What should we buy and how do we access our individual Programs?

A: You each need to enroll separately to receive a "Certified Administrator" designation. During the enrollment process, you each provide your own unique and separate user names and passwords that separately provide access and track your progress through the Training portion of the Program. A unique user name and password is also required for each Certificate.

Q: Can I purchase the Program with a check or must I pay online?

A: Either payment method is acceptable. Individual or multiple Programs can be purchased either online or with a check. Feel free to call us at 678-366-3959 if you have any questions.

Q: Must I always use the same computer to access the Program?

A: No. Access to the Program is password based. This means that you can access the Program from your home, office, laptop, or co-worker's computer.

Q: How long does it take to receive my Certificate?

A: You should receive your Certificate within 14 days after passing the Test.

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