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Certificate Program For HR Generalists
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About The "Certified TPA" Program

Gain A Competitive Advantage With A "Certified TPA" Seal

Every organization can use an edge in today's business world to help attract and keep customers.'s "Certified TPA" Program can help give you that edge.

After all, if you were a company President or business owner looking to outsource your compliance requirements, wouldn't you rather select a "Certified" firm than one that isn't?

Under our Certifed TPA Program, you receive an "Certified TPA" seal in your area of specialty for use on your website and marketing materials.

You may also use the seal in your customer meetings and proposals to help add to your firm's value proposition.

Bottom line, your Certified TPA seal tells your prospects and clients that your staff not only has been trained by a trusted third-party, but have passed a stringent Certification Exam that tests their administrative skills!

How To Earn Your "Certified TPA" Seal

Earning your Certified TPA seal is easy: your administrators must successfully complete one of our award-winning Training & Certification Programs.

These self-paced, online programs provide in-depth training on a specific topic area, and are available for:...Payroll, HIPAA, FLSA, and others!

Benefits Of The "Certified TPA" Program

If you provide COBRA, Cafeteria Plan, Retirement, or other TPA services, you know exactly how competitive the marketplace is: you fight against "we can do it cheaper internally" or get stuck in price discussions about proposals from other TPA firms all the time.

But now you don't have to base your marketing on "We're Cheaper". Instead, you can differentiate your firm and lead with your "Certified TPA" seal to win and retain the business! Thus, your Certified TPA seal helps differentiate you from your competitors.

The Training & Certification Programs that allow you to earn a seal also provide ancillary benefits, including:
  • Standardized training from a trusted third-party allows you to provide consistent training to your employees

  • Time savings from having to train your staff internally

  • Free Management Interface that lets managers view employee progress, test scores, and any incorrectly answered test questions, which is great for remedial training!

  • Employee recognition through "Certified Administrator" certificates that are mailed to each of your administrators who successfully completes a course


This is no cost for the Certified TPA seal! Because you are paying to get your administrators trained and certified, we provide the seal for free.

A minimum of five individuals or 95% of your administrators, however, must earn their "Certified Administrator" designation for participation as a Certified TPA. Click here to see pricing for the Certification Programs.

Act Now! has trained thousands of industry professionals and many of the nation's top TPAs on how to handle FMLA, COBRA, Cafeteria Plan, Payroll, and other federally-mandated compliance laws - why not let us help you grow your business!

After all, every organization can use an edge in today's business world to help attract and keep customers, and's "Certified TPA" Program can help give you that edge!

For more information, either complete and submit the form below or contact Charlie Bross at 678-366-3959!

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